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Something to Cherish Out of Rubbish

April 29, 2016
By Regin Penaflor-Anacay

Cherry Mobile demonstrates its commitment in upholding community economic development and supporting environmental protection through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) special project called “Wine Bottle Upcycling Project” which addresses both solid waste management and sustainable livelihood.
                                                                                                    Caption: Wild bee honey on ‘upcycled’ wine bottles ready to sell in the market

In April 2016, Cherry Mobile, in coordination with the Community Crafts Association of the Philippines (CCAP), supported a group of craftsmen and indigenous people to strengthen the local economy by utilizing the existing resources within CCAP-assisted communities. An export quality product was successfully created using upcycled wine bottles filled with wild bee honey from the forest communities of Mindoro Occidental. This honey was processed by PASAKAMI, a people’s organization composed of the Mangyan tribe. The filled bottles were then placed on knitted baskets out of wicker vine created by Pulilan Handicrafts, a group of craftsmen from Bulacan.   
This project embarked several benefits, one of which is environmental preservation through upcycling by making use of rubbish materials (empty wine bottles and vines available locally) designed distinctively to create a new product with value-added features that potential customers could cherish. Likewise, the value of fair-trade principle was integrated in this endeavor where people’s organizations involved like Pulilan Handicrafts and PASAKAMI provide its members a salary rate of at least minimum wage with overtime fee to commensurate their labor input in every product produced and sold.     
More importantly, the benefit of improving the social condition of the marginalized sector is the valuable outcome of this initiative. This eventually translates to an improved purchasing power of Filipino families to acquire basic necessities, particularly nutritious food intake, decent clothing, quality education for their children, and appropriate housing among other needs.
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