Barangay Cherry Mobile

Changing the Country, One Community at a Time


Cherry Mobile CaRES for the society by letting its stakeholders themselves define the most pressing challenges they face, and what the best solution will be to meet that challenge. They are the ones who see the problems of their community firsthand and are the right person who knows what needs to be changed in their locality. Thus, Barangay Cherry Mobile is born—a grant-making program of Cosmic Technologies Inc. Seeking to empower communities and aid in alleviating their problems, Barangay Cherry Mobile generates charity-giving ideas and project proposals from people who best know the community issues and needs.



Be Cool in School

Nestled under the grant-making program Barangay Cherry Mobile, “Be Cool in School” is a back-to-school project dedicated to keep pupils in school, particularly those who come from poor communities. Many kids in the provinces do not go to school primarily because their parents could not afford to buy them school supplies. Through the “Be Cool in School” program, Barangay Cherry Mobile provides study kits to pupils in selected public elementary schools in order to assist the government in retaining pupils in school.



Medical Mission

Medical missions are one of the projects under Barangay Cherry Mobile to meet the needs of communities in terms of health. The activity is dedicated for areas outside Metro Manila to reach the least served sector of society. With volunteer doctors, health professionals, and employees from Cherry Mobile and partner government institutions, the medical missions serve to provide free consultation as well as free medicines for the beneficiaries.


12 Gifts of Christmas

The annual Christmas Giving is a project under Barangay Cherry Mobile held every November and December. It usually covers 12 projects benefiting various institutions and communities. This gift giving celebrates the spirit of giving and emphasizes that giving can be done in many forms to give joy to different groups of people. This activity also serves to share the joy of the holidays not just to the average Filipino, but also to the financially challenged, abandoned, differently abled, and other sectors of society.

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