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Operation CherryFic Smile Rekindles Hope

May 26, 2017
By: Anjelo Noah M. Ordoño
Restoring fuller smiles of children with cleft lip and cleft palate is on diligent progress as this project, Operation CherryFic Smile, is nearing its completion this year in partnership with Operation Smile Philippines.
Jay-ann, from Surigao del Sur, knows how much it would cost her family if she sends Princess, her daughter, for regular surgery to treat the cleft lip of her daughter. But she is also aware of the health risk if she won’t do something. When she heard about the free surgical mission scheduled May 20-26, 2017 in General Santos City, about nine (9) hours away from her home, she brought her daughter without hesitation to avail of such rare opportunity that would surely bring an enduring impact in the life of her child.  Jay-ann is just among the mothers and guardians of children with cleft lip and cleft palate who flocked to General Santos to benefit the free surgical mission.
                                                                                  Top calibre surgeons, physicians, and nurses serve at their best to restore the smiles of the children.
Operation CherryFic Smile, a free surgical mission for indigent children with the said deformities, aims to repair these malformations and restore their normal functions. The success of the operation provides life-changing opportunities by minimizing social stigma suffered by children and rebuilding self-confidence. Cherry Mobile and Operation Smile Philippines guarantee to deliver the finest quality outputs of the project implementation by providing top calibre medical services to the patients. The surgeons, physicians, and nurses serving the patients are world-class medical practitioners from the Philippines and all over the world who wholeheartedly volunteered to serve the children. Aside from the medical team, there are child life specialists who were tasked to prepare the children and parents psychologically prior to sending patients to the operating room. The specialists familiarize young patients on what’s going to happen inside the operating room to make it sound fun and exciting!
                                     A volunteer doctor from Operation Smile ensures that the patient is in good condition before the surgery. The project observes exceptional medical service and                     multidisciplinary intervention to deliver the best result for the beneficiary children.
                        Operation Smile’s team of child specialists familiarize young patients on what’s going to happen inside the operating room to make the operation fun!

One of the distinct features of this project is the aftercare service which was implemented in selected mission areas specifically in Metro Manila. During the series of sessions, parents shared their experiences on how the surgery improved the lives of their children and their family – an enriched family dynamics and uplift in their psychosocial life. Moreover, parents exchanged practical tips or strategies on how they take care of their child after the surgery.
In other parts of the country aside from Metro Manila, Cherry Mobile’s CSR team also served Pangasinan, Pampanga, Capiz, and neighbouring provinces. Local government agencies, health institutions, and humanitarian organizations join hands toward the attainment of a common goal in helping children with clef lip/palate to experience a normal life. Cherry Mobile serves people and communities that are in need of assistance in fulfilment of its mission to strengthen and mobilize the nation one community after another. With this kind of project, we give parents like Jay-ann and children like Princess more reasons to look forward to a cheerful future.
                           Bringing people together has always been the key for effective intervention. Cherry Mobile and Operation Smile, together with the local government unit of General Santos City, receive patients, mostly children, with cleft lip and cleft palate.
Caption: One of the patients during the Operation CherryFic Smile's surgical mission is under loving care of a diligent child specialist. Sooner, the child may already be able to flash a brand new smile!
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